My name is Isabel Phenix and I was born to write.  It is the essence of my purpose here.    It feels like it has been in my soul since the moment I caught my first breath.  Without training or grooming, I was writing at the age of seven.  I was sending poetry into war zones at twelve, not yet tainted by the fear of failure.  I continued to write as a child in mad bursts.  I would sit and write for hours.   I collected them in binders, on random scraps of paper, the backs of napkins and advertisements.   And then something happened.

The world crept in – it stole away my creativity and silenced the gift.  I picked it up again in college, but it wasn’t long before the need for a grade or the rigidity of rules slowed the creativity and freedom I felt in it.

He who gave me the gift continued to nudge my spirit and lay writings on my heart.  Sometimes I was obedient, and served as the vessel I am meant to be – other times I was lazy and would forget what I was supposed to pen by the time I awakened the next day. This luxury is mine no more.  And so I here I sit…ready to write.