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Ok, so I have this habit.  Maybe I’ve had it all of my life, but it seems to me that it has grown as I have become older and more appreciative of who and what I have in my life.  My best friend likes to tease me about it.  Fine.  I admit it,  I am an … OVER-COMMUNICATOR.  I don’t even know if there is there even is such a thing as this spell check keeps telling me I am wrong :P.

Just think, the fact that there are even all of these blog entries written to and for you, is an illustration of my gift to over-communicate. As I say in my intro, I’m not sure how you got here, maybe a search engine, maybe a friends suggestion, a Facebook tag or a twitter post that caught your eye.  No matter the “vehicle”  to get you here, my hope is as you read  these, these entries have the same positive effects in your own life – that you feel encouraged.  That you have a vehicle to feel the Love in the world.  To be aware that someone cares.  Someone listens.    Even in the darkness, that are those that listen and provide you light. HE listens and HE loves you.  Your life happens one moment at a time, so just hang on and enjoy the ride.