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I’ve discovered one of the seemingly simple truths of being human as I go through this stage of my life.  Perhaps it’s because I am working on not just walking through life, but in putting energy into paying attention.  Whatever the case, it’s an interesting thought.  People struggle to be kind to themselves.  For even the most grumpy of people, they will hold the odd door for someone, say thank you at least once a week and do something nice for someone somewhere despite themselves and their curmudgeon attitude — even if it is an accident once in a blue moon.

Yet this attitude of kindness does not seem to hold true if we were to force ourselves to do something nice for ourselves.  Think of it in terms of compliments.  People will tell me that I have nice eyes or a nice smile, and I will defer the attention.  Instead of saying thank you, I will mention something that I am unhappy with about myself.  I will struggle to actually look at them and say thank you.  When someone compliments me on a clothing choice or a job well done – I often accept the compliment only half heartedly as if I stumbled into it and luck was the primary driver of the success.

Recently, I am challenging myself to handle things differently.  To say thank you and really take a moment to feel what they are saying.  To realize the uniqueness that I bring to the world.  To realize that no one else can fill my spot, that I am the only girl in the world with the sea blue eyes, the heart for people and the specific sparkle in my eye.  The same is true for YOU.  There is no one else that fits your spot in the world.  God does not run an assembly line.  He took tremendous time and care on each and everyone of us.  In moments when you cannot accept a compliment given to you about you, simply think of it like that – the compliment is His .  It is given in acknowledgement of something he so “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  So if you cannot accept the praise on your own behalf do so as a representative of Him.  Believe me, I know, … easier said than done.