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Today was a bad day at the office.   By 7:15 am, I had been chewed out by two people who look at me and see someone 20 years their junior so they don’t feel they have to listen.  They sometimes forget where they are and whom signs their paychecks.  I didn’t have a problem, until my co-worker decided to defend her husband by instead calling me a liar.  For some reason, that was a hot button for me, and made me want to cry or shrink into my chair.  Being the bigger human in the situation, I ended up apologizing although 98 percent of the issue was created by the fact that they decided to go against my scheduling and plan.

I’m not sitting here to garner sympathy or have a put down party on them.  I write about this in case you are sitting there somewhere and reading my blog to unwind.  Maybe you ARE me.  You have been yelled at by that co-worker five or 50 times.  You have been put down by that boss over and over despite your attempts to go above and beyond.  You feel small and unnecessary.  You wish at least once a week for a different job or a different life.  Hang in there.  Someone does listen.  He has great plans for you.  Continue to love yourself.  Pursue a hobby or topic that you love – something that gives you peace and tranquility.  Put the people that say all of the mean things into perspective.  They are hopefully a blip on the radar screen of your life.  Today is just a single day in the many ahead.  Do not give the jerks a single second more of your attention.  Like I say whether to spite them or in spite of them …. go grab the greatness you are destined for.  I feel it.