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Today, I am so excited…for many reasons. First, I have a “happy” topic to write about (sorry some of my others are such downers; I merely seek to show you I’ve been there done that and survived and YOU CAN TOO). Second, I am going to Disney today, which seems to make me happy always. Mind you, it is not because of the ragingly expensive tickets, the overpriced food or the mean people in lines that don’t know how to wait their turn. So why do I love it? The opportunities that it presents to make memories. Anytime I’ve ever been there, one does not come away without something to remember. Something to laugh at. Something to capture on film and recall years later.

I’m especially excited because for my four year old nephew, this will be his first foray in the Disney waters, and I get to be there to witness it. He may love it or be terrified, (we are going to start slow by going to Carsland) but the point is that I will see it first hand. The memories that I have the opportunity to make stand to be tremendous. I will have a moment in time that he will always remember his Auntie was there. Years later, as he is growing into the man that he is supposed to be, (even if just on holidays or a passing thought) this will provide some stories to him that start, “Remember my first trip to Disneyland?” or “On my first trip to Disneyland…”. Ok, it may not be years later, but it will be for the next few weeks…

As for hanging out with my sister and taking my nephew to Disneyland, she will always be able to recall the extra day I took off of work and that I went with her so that she didn’t have to drive alone. The laughter we will have over the lumpy hotel beds (hope not), the food we ate, the silly pictures we took. In those moments were anger and resentment are her companions (sadly more often that not lately), perhaps some of these memories, these kindnesses, will break through and remind her of the goodness in me and in the world.

In these posts, I hope you as the reader get the sense that so much about Goodness and Love is choice. We can choose to be jaded and angry for the family we’ve been given. For the boss that yells. The rude neighbor or cranky old man. To hold on to the memories that we feel slighted or isolated by them. To hate them and poison ourselves one drop at a time. OR we can choose to love them and seize every opportunity we have to set the relationships right with Kindness and Love. We can be open and honest. We do not have to forget, but we should forgive them and move forward. Hanging on to the rope of hatred in hopes of punishing them also occupies and limits the paths and heights your greatness can achieve (most of us only have two hands and big ropes I assume would take that number to hold). My challenge to you today, find that opportunity for kindness and a memory. Relax your hands and heart and run with it…He does that everyday with you. If we are created in His image,and we are, He sets an amazing example. It probably won’t go perfectly the first time but the good news is this … there are lots of times throughout life to try again :). Oh and … don’t forget the camera.