So I’ve just returned from Disney and am happy to report that it was a SMASHING SUCCESS!  My nephew was a champ…although at first he thought that the entire vacation was swimming in the hotel pool and going to the Lego store.  If only it was, we could have saved a good little chunk of change.  But you know what? It was totally worth that money for those memories.  Those moments of laughter.  The opportunity to snap a picture or two…or ten.  The moment that I looked up and he was literally almost face first in an entire bag of cotton candy.  Singing songs on the side of the pool like all four year olds.  Eating the cherry out of my Shirley Temple.  The fact that when we had just flown  over the edge of Splash Mountain he said, “that was so cool, can we do it again?”.  Really kid? Your Auntie just about blew her lungs out screaming :).

Sitting in the Dumbo ride as he moved us up and down repeatedly, I took a moment to say Thank You.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do things like this with him and my sister.  I encourage you to do the same any chance you get.  It’s never too late to make a memory.