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This past Saturday, there was a concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Kristin Chenoweth.  During the concert, Kristin invited Sarah Horn, a loyal fan, up on stage to sing with her the song from Wicked “For Good”.  What ensued was magic.  Now, as you may have seen if you have read any other blog or heck practically any source of internet news, this story has gone viral.  You can watch and read about it, including but not limited to the following sites:

Fan’s Show-Stopping Duet With Kristin Chenoweth Goes Viral



So why am I writing about it on my blog that tends to focus on your chance to improve yourself? The fact that God loves YOU, has a plan for you, wants the best for you, encourages us to love not only ourselves but those around us etc?  What stuck out to me most is the blog written by Sarah herself of that night and an exchange that he and her dad shared after that magical evening. 

Writing about her evening, Sarah shares something her dad said to her “On the walk to our car, my father reminded me that he had prayed 11 years ago that I would one day sing with Kristin Chenoweth. I smiled an even larger smile, grasped his arm, and asked him to keep praying impossible prayers because they just might come true.” (Read the entire Sarah Horn account http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/In-Her-Own-Words-Sarah-Horn-Shares-Inspirational-Story-of-Singing-with-Kristin-Chenoweth-at-the-Hollywood-Bowl-and-Going-Viral-20130825).  This story is a tremendous example of what we see as impossible, HE sees as very possible. 

What are the “impossible prayers” that you would share with Him if you could? What’s stopping you? Not all dreams are to sing on stage with a Broadway star.  Perhaps you will have an opportunity to pursue a passion, that you’d never thought you’d get to professionally touch because of your career path or lack of traditional education (a very real blessing my sister is experiencing right now.)  Although their dreams look very different, both Sara and my sister have something in common. it took a moment of stepping out in faith, speaking up when they might have wondered why they were even talking, to set fire to the potential moments that changed their lives.  My sister has always loved graphic design and when the company that she works for was displeased with the quality of service they were getting from their former service provider, something drove her (perhaps the gentle nudging from Him), to tell them if they bought the correct software program, she would do it.  (Mind you she had NEVER even used said program).  Upon penning this, she has three billboards under her belt, and ten more projects on the way…bravo for bravery.  Some of us are not quiet as brave and so we start blogs :).  Whether it helps me have an outlet to write , helps to change your life or the life of someone you love, shifts your perspective for one moment (sometimes one moment is all we need to walk away from that destructive and/or dangerous action) – my fire to help has been lit.   If Sarah had never raised her hand and said that she knew the song, she might still just be a girl in the audience.  Do you want to continue to be a guy or gal in the audience of your life? I’d like to think not.