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I love thanksgiving.  I really do. I love the food.  The family.  The friends.  The family whom have become friends.  The apple cider.  Pumpkin pie.  The recipe for stuffing that lives on beyond my dad. But, today, as I sit and pen this (sadly a day or two later than I intended knocked down by stomach flu) I also see the irony in the fact that this is the one day that many people stop to acknowledge the others around them and say thank you.  I guess one day is a good start, but why don’t we do this on a daily basis.  Try and make this a new year’s resolution — even before the new year.  Say thank you.  Buy someone else’s meal as you buy your own.  Make an extra sandwich.  Help someone out of the grocery store.  Offer to babysit for a friend with kids so they can go out.  Call that friend you haven’t talked to in forever.  Stop and thank Him for everything you have.  For the fact that you breathe freely.  That you have and continue to wake up.  That you have the opportunity to impact the world and use that opportunity for good.  Even when we seem to have nothing to give we have the gift of time and gratitude.  Let’s use it.  Put it all together and we could create a title wave of gratitude the world over.  His greatest gift to all of us is the ultimate example of Love.  Let’s continue to spread it both in word and deed.