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Tonight, I sat outside and spoke to God.  As funny as that sounds, I really did.  A little back story, I used to be the biggest scaredy cat of the night sky and generally being out after dark, so I find it a triumph in and of itself that I don’t avert my eyes and run high tail into the house like I used to.  I know…I know.  Last time I did that, I high stepped back to the car faster than anyone had ever seen me move.  I laugh at myself now, sitting here typing this, but in those moments it seemed so real and justifiable :).

Anyhoo, now that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself in the cyber universe — now back to the point of the post.  So, I was enjoying the silence and beauty of the evening speaking to Him about how thankful I am for everything that has transpired in my life – the good, the bad, and even most days when I feel ugly.  One pf the things that I thanked him for is my brother in law.  Well, actually I am more inclined now to call him a brother as we have seemed to have formed a sibling-that-we-choose relationship over the last few years.  (Given our rocky start almost 15 years ago those that know us would imagine it a near miracle).

And so I asked Him, God, make me like him and so many other of your faithful servants throughout the years.  The ones that did not ask “why” but instead said “why not?” If so much of this other greatness that we see daily – a strand of hair, a wisp of color in your eye, a blade of grass, a drop of dew happens, with His guiding hand imagine what he can and does do in each of our lives.

And then it happened.  Just as I thought that, I was rewarded with my first ever view of a shooting star.  It was as if he reminded me the bravery in my thought, leads to result beyond my wildest imagination.  Be brave and thankful and with a joyful heart set out to be one of the why not -ers in the world.  Without them, we might not have electric lights (Edison and Sir Joseph Swan), vaccines (Alexander Fleming – Penicillin)  the safety of hundreds of thousands of people (Oskar Schindler).  He has a tremendous plan for each of us.  Try hard to become the Why Not -er of the world and the journey will be so much easier…Join me?