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I know that for some it is hard to believe that in the chaos and strife of the world there IS a plan. But once we realize that there is one, no matter how many tests we must endure or challenges we must face we (or at least me) can hang on. First perhaps for a moment, then for a minute, an hour, a day, a month and so on.

Do not listen to the enemy that tells you that you that you have been forgotten. That you are insignificant or unimportant. That nothing you do matters. It all does. Whether we do things that are seemingly good or bad, there is a ripple and impact that we may never see. Remember, darkness doesn’t always speak in a creepy, closet hiding, distorted voice of the movies. It is sneaky and can even use your own. You know that one that talks in your head and sounds just like you…your mother…your father…that person you feel most betrayed by because you let them close to you and they betrayed you. Hurt you. Crushed the heart that you feared to give for just that reason (that your heart or spirit might get broken). Do not let them win. I say them because we all know whether we acknowledge it or not it is an Army.

The good news is this… He has an Army as well. We all have a sparkle inside of us, we just must quiet our souls enough to hear it. 1 Corinthians 14:33 says, “For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.” We must quiet all of the worlds inputs. The ones that say that there is no such thing. That He is dead. That He is a marketing concept to create a result. For people to blindly accept what is happening to them and in the world around them. Someone to blame. To argue over. For comedians to use as the butt of a joke. That he belongs to the ranks of the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. I promise He is very real.

I’ll never be the one to tell you which doorway to use to find Him. I’ve visited so many doorways over my life it’s not even funny. One thing was and is consistent though. I know with every fiber of me, He is real. He put the sparkle in me that drives me to be who I am. To feed the homeless. Be kind to those around me. Write this blog to all of you in hopes someone reads it at the moment they need it and hangs on for one more moment.

We don’t all have a calling to minister or devote our lives to the conversion of hearts. But we all have the capacity to make the most of the gift we are given. To not waste it. To not be crippled by the doubt or fear that are the weapon of those that do not want us to become that greatness that He places in each one of us. Make a conscious effort to silence all of the things that try to tell us that we are dumb for believing in something we cannot see. You cannot see air or the actual nutrients in food, but we breathe it and eat it and see results. Be kind to someone today…even if you do not want to. Watch the result. More often than not, the ripple will go forward of your act of love even if it is miniscule and four hours later. Each of us, listening with our hearts, being grateful, consciously contributing, even if it’s one comment of love and gratefulness every-other-month will build a force inspiring fear in even the biggest of legions.