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So…I’ve been waiting to see a friend for a long time.  Like, a really long time… Three years now, no exaggeration.  This isn’t just some friend…this is one of my best friends ever.  Some days, I am so mad about it I want to scream.  Other days, I am so sad about it I want to lay in bed and cry all day.  And then, one day mid-pout, God stopped me in His own subtle way.

He challenged me to have Faith in a different way.  Turn the dial just a bit.  Rather than saying that you have faith that He will bring you through something, rephrase that into something that acknowledges Who and What He is.  Practice focusing on the fact that he is far bigger and more powerful than the thing that is challenging you to reach that goal or desire of your heart.  Believe that, if He is wise enough to create all of the amazing things that we have and do in this universe — keeping in mind of course that there is so much left in this universe and beyond just waiting to be discovered and/or that we can’t even fathom — He has your back and a plan for you. 

My brother in law once used an amazing analogy that has stuck with me.  Think of your life like a parade.  You are riding in a float which means, at best, unless you are super human you can only see two additional “floats” directly behind or in front of you.  You cannot, however, see the floats that have already turned the corner up the street or the others that are ten floats back.    If we are the single vision float, He is like the “eye in the sky” planning the route.  He can see that there is an accident three streets ahead.  He can also see that although you enter a street with lots of horse poop on it, you will in less than five minutes be past that and on to the street that smells good and is full of cheering people.  Sometimes, in the midst of the “horse poop street” we are convinced that this street will never end.  That it is a punishment.  He sees that there are challenges and may have to re-direct your route but he will get you there. 

If the parade analogy doesn’t work for you think of life like a corn maze and he is the spotter that is helping you walk it.  He, from above, can see the dead ends.  He can see the paths that lead back onto themselves.  He can see the paths of least resistance and trys to help you find them.

We must believe that His strength and power is greater than any resistance that we may face from those that do not want whatever it is that isn’t working.  I used to be sad and hurt by the fact that things won’t work to a certain end.  And then something shifted.  I learned to see the challenge for what it really is.  A compliment to the strength and courage that He has given me.  A tip of the hat to Him for the worthy opponent he has created in me.   An indicator that ALL HUMANS have value even when we can’t see it.  Perhaps those that challenge are not as short-sided as we tend to be because they see and seek to end the value before you catch onto it.

The challenge is for us is to do right by His gift for us.  To believe that He has a plan.  And to truly know with every fiber He has made you with that He is far bigger than anything that would challenge us.  We must believe that there is wisdom and choice in His timing.   Most recently, I’ve made the choice to focus my energy on acknowledging those truths and find that I am far less anxious in believing those things .  There is a Plan even if we can’t see it at the moment.  Afterall, we aren’t in the helicopter.

**He is Big, but loves Small…one human at a time***