Why do we hesitate to trust Him? To put all our chips on Him.  We instead put them on our friends. Our Family.  Our job.  Our Big Break. Our next moment of happiness that we hang onto for dear life as if we might not have another.

And yet, here most of us are doing what we seem to do best because we fear relinquishing control.  Gripping what we believe to be the steering wheel of our lives because it makes us feel better.  It gives us the allusion of control, although I’d venture we’d actually do far better in our lives if we relax our grips a bit.  It is the over-correction in times of fear that normally do the most damage.

Believe Him.  Trust Him.  Take him at His Word.  HE PUT ALL HIS CHIPS ON US.  Long ago, before you were ever the you He fashioned to be you (I know hard concept).  He put the ingredients of you together and blew life into them.  He believed in you before you ever did.  And maybe you still don’t…good news…He still does.  He will mourn for you should you so choose to exit the path that He has ordained for you.  He will still love you and believe that you are the great thing he has made.

The Bible tells us to Trust in Him… not just once, but over and over it advises us to trust Him.  To remember that he has plans to prosper us and not harm us.  It’s so hard for us to take that leap. Consistently throughout The Book he encourages us saying, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”(Joshua 1:9).  And yet, we cower.  We run to that which we know and can see.  That which gives us a false sense of safety.  It’s such a foreign concept for us as humans generally to trust and lean into something that we cannot see.  He’s there, wherever you are and He loves you.  At the top of some great success that you never though you’d have…He’s there.  Frustrated and angry at something you don’t know how to handle? Deep breath.  Chasing your depression into the bottom of the bottle? He’s there with His hand out to set it down for you.

I’ve started something new that has had a tremendous impact on my life.  Rather than getting sucked up into the fear or an anxiety of a situation, I toss a prayer of thanksgiving up to Him knowing He Listens.  Rather than saying, “oh gosh, how the heck am I going to x,y,z…” I’ll say, “Thank goodness Lord you know what you are doing and you have this situation in hand because without Your help, I couldn’t manage it all.  Let me know what You need me to do on this end.” And then I listen.  And I do whatever he says without arguing…ok with minimal arguing because it’s my nature…(hey, He made me sassy –His fault right :P).  Once I really realized how much faith He has in me it becomes ever so clear that I owe Him to do the same.  He’s all in…why aren’t you?

In moments where you feel lost, remember this…HE PUT ALL HIS CHIPS ON YOU…