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This week I’ve been traveling back to old stomping grounds and loving every moment of it.  I’ve hugged old friends and kissed new babies.  I’ve fallen into conversations that I’ve never thought I’d have and managed to find peace in places that it generally hides.  I’ve learned to pray a new prayer rather than the ones that we generally pray.  You know the ones — the ones that ask for the resolution of a situation, the ease of a burden, the removal of an obstacle.  Those are all well and good and have their time and place, but the Lord has reminded me to pray a different prayer, one that draws Him and I together and makes me a better vessel and listener.  Although there is so much that is in flux at the moment, so much that makes me feel like a lumberjack in a log rolling contest I will resist the urge to ask Him to fix things and instead ask Him to bring joy to my heart.  When I am afraid, bring me joy that I have a protector.  When I have a moment to enjoy connection with someone, do not let me lament the fact that it will soon be over — bring me the joy of the connection.  Let me be joyful that I am tasked with a journey instead of fearful of it.  Let me be joyful in the connection He and I have and as a roll off of that joy, let me be faithful to the task He has asked me to complete.  So what? Why share it here and now with you?  Joy is contagious.  I’ll make a fairly hefty wager that when you choose to live in it, you will see a significant lightening of you world.  The tough won’t seem as touch, the dark not near as dark.  Before you know it, you will be kicking over those walls of challenge and fear and living the life that He meant you to live.  One hallmarked in peace and bathed in joy!