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We all know that it is far easier said than done right? Certain things come easier to each of us than other things.  We all have things that we are afraid of …Maybe for you it is writing? Doing Math.  Sewing something.  Talking to your in laws (or outlaws dependent on how you see them :)…kidding kidding.  For me, one of my biggest ones is public speaking.  I seem to have to do it a lot.  As a young poster child I did it.  As the only kid with a disability at my school I did it.  In college, I gave the welcome speech to 1,500 incoming freshman.  And you know what? I WAS TERRIFIED.  But God calls us to great things and we must not hide.  (He will find you anyhow and it will go a lot harder than if you’d just gone along in the first place.  Now is the time for another chance to be brave…and so I will.

so_that_others scared take someone do_not_give up listen

I’m fairly confident that there are others of you struggling to do the very same thing.  I’m here to encourage you to do just that.  I’ll make you a deal, I’ll step out on the diving board of life first, plug my nose and jump.  Come on…I promise the water is fine.

If these words don’t inspire you to be brave maybe these awesome quotes will. 🙂