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This could not be more true for so many times recently in my life.  I am surrounded by brilliant, wonderful, kind and caring people and most do not even know it.  They let the darkness of circumstance, surroundings, past family history, “what they should be”, “what they aren’t”, “what they couldn’t” be  – literally stop them in their tracks.  They cave to the poison of “no” and “can’t” before the greatest of possibility can even get the word in edgewise.

Over and over in my blog I harp on the existence of the spark.  It’s because it’s a very real thing.  It’s there.  It is alive.  It needs tending and love.  It acknowledgement and words of encouragement to grow and prosper.  Sounds easy right? It would be if we could all see it, and we could if we’d all open our hearts and listen with them.  Pure, unfiltered, and untarnished we’d hear so many more of the good things the rest of the world convinces us we have misheard or imagined.  That couldn’t possibly be true…. 

We (and the rest of the world) shout at us that we are unworthy purely in who we are to actually keep people around.  We must woo them with money, things, or experiences.  Surely if we simply existed on offering “us” no one would stay we think…

…No one could Love us so much or take such pride in the fact that we are a reflection of them.  Afterall, your mother spends more time telling you she does not like the way you tie your shoes or the fact that you give your kids certain things for snack than she does telling you she loves you…

…your friends no matter how close they are at some point will have a commentary  on the skirt you picked or the boy you picked or both…

…The good news is that He is not one of us.  He is the One that sees the entire picture.  Who knew (and knows) exactly what He was doing when he created you.  Who looks at us and does not see the dirty broken us that we are convinced is all there is to us.  He, under all the layers and crap that both we and life have put there, can see the sparkle His hand set there so long ago.  He smiles and coaxes when we will let Him.  He  even works sometimes when we attempt not to and/or as we fight Him.   

When you are lost in darkness, loneliness and depression – of the world, of your mind, of circumstances – stop and look for His Light.  It’s far closer to Home than you ever imagine.  You have to look no further than a mirror.