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I know a heady statement right.  All seemingly simple, but we struggle before we even mean to.  We attempt to walk sometimes and we just can’t.  The Job. The Boyfriend.   The toxic friend.  The difficult project. The six blocks, heck the one block that we promised we’d start doing nightly after work.  We find reasons that now isn’t convenient.  Darkness, the heat, the commitments that we’ve made to others. The proximity we have to a promotion.  To success. To graduation.  More often than not though we are simply using those markers, those challenges or near signals as an excuse for the reason we cannot progress.  We become our own worst enemy and almost set ourselves up to fail.  How can I say that?? If we stay in the same place and never reach the potential He imagined for us we fail.  Afterall, as someone once said, inaction is still an action by default.  Because you make no choice does not mean that things don’t happen around you.

I venture it’s something even larger than that though – accepting the fact that there are greater things ahead (I promise you there are) also assumes a great amount of risk and unknowns and generally as humans we hate both.  Remember, they are not unknown to Him.  (See my post on the concept of looking ahead here).  Walk on, no matter how slowly you have to move in that bravery – just move forward.  Believe me, this is coming from a girl who knows how to inch — at times begrudgingly.  At other times so slowly, that you might wondering if I am even moving at all.  You might have to squint your eyes to see it.  Draw a chalk box around me to watch my progress…laugh with me or at me as you imagine that.  I don’t care.  Whatever gets you into a state of motion.  There is too much to be done in this great place not to use our energies to accomplish it.  He deserves it.  He spent time imagining you and loving you before you ever came into existence.  If you can’t love you simply because you are, force yourself to love yourself as a product of Him.

Walk on.  Do it bravely and with a steadfast heart. There are great adventures that await us all.