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Months ago I stumbled upon this amazing song by Barlow girl called “hope will lead us on”. Listen here: http://youtu.be/h5uheSF-X6Q

Tonight I was talking to a friend who had been going through a lot of trial. Somewhere in his challenges, he has found himself in a place that he mentioned that recently he wondered if it was all worth it, as he felt that he could never find his way to the top of the ball . That no matter how hard he fought, it didn’t seem to go his way.

I reminded him that there was so much going for him. The fact that he was breathing, the fact that he was and is healthy….has things like a roof over his head, internet, running water. TV. And in that moment the greatest of tragedy showed its face. More than anything what he didn’t realize is that HE had abandoned hope and peace – one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal we have against darkness that threatens the Light In the world. In truth, the darkness isn’t after all of the material things that it may seem to relish taking from us. It seeks to squeeze the hope out that each of these things, as hope is the lifeblood of the human spirit (along with love).

So in this evening where many of you may struggle to hope and want to give up, I beg of you don’t. Blow on that ember of hope no matter how small it may seem. Despite its size, it had incredible power and can start a hope revolution the world over. Instead of allowing the world to exist and languish in hatred, in bigotry, in small-mindedness, in a poverty (both literally and spiritually), do something. In your moment of struggle and stifle, reach in . He put that piece in us and calls us all to be greater…you must simply choose it.