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So I was laying in bed today and something struck me. We are so quick to walk away from challenges . We assume we will crumple under the pressure. That we do not have the skills, the beauty, the fortitude to make it through whatever the world is handing to us.

We assume at our job we may not be brave enough. Smart enough or outspoken enough. Organized enough. Forward thinking enough.

In our love lives we assume that we are unlovable. That we will screw it up. Fail them. Disappoint them. Truth is we probably will disappoint them . We will say stupid stuff. We will react in fear and panic and hurt their feelings more than we mean to. We will attempt to run them off before we show them the things that we worry will run them off.

In all this panic, we forget to find our faith. When we can operate in faith and not fear, there willl be a tremendous freedom. Its hard to explain, but the best analogy is kids on a summer camping trip. Our parent pack whatever we need to survive camp. They know that we can do it because they know that their careful planning has given us everything we need. We, as children are convinced it’s the end of the world as we’ve known it. We see the tent because it’s giant. We even pull out the sleeping bag assuming it is of little importance at the moment (after all you aren’t tired). But we are almost sure that we don’t have a granola bar or matches like the other kids. We will flail and whine because our life is so rough. Some of us even chuck our bags down. We throw ourselves down where we are in our lives to demonstrate our displeasure. But then, the camp counselor moves our items and we see, we have in fact always had the granola bar and matches, we just didnt look deep enough to actually see them.

Remember, He packed our bag. All we need to survive and thrive has been there since we were conceived of. Even if we don’t think so.