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Every once in awhile I get the bite to write poetry like I used to *have to* write in college….tonight was one of those nights. This is a sestina of sorts


To Favor Love Beyond Any Challenge

This is an epic story of Love
One, though filled with challenge
Exudes great Hope
A lesson for all man on how to wait
To never let your struggles cause you to put your dreams on ice
In this you will find unsurpassed peace

Here, we are all digging for peace
A connection to His Love, Her Love, and Love
Really – The one that the world hides beneath the ice
Because most of us refuse to rise to the challenge
Unwilling to do anything that makes us wait
That somehow claws at our Hope

Anything that shows us that we are dumb to hold onto that Hope
To struggle for the inner peace
And so we carry the weight
Invisible as it may seem, expectation wrapped in Love
We are never sure that our value is up to the challenges
And so we put it on ice

We have convinced ourselves that things are so much better on ice
You know the kind – that ends with the letters -o-l-a-t-i-o-n and
Is more than a little good at starving out hope?
The ice that we become encased in when faced with challenge
Seemingly devoid of love
And never ever worth the wait?

He begs us to lift that weight
To train our minds to melt the ice
To focus in His Love
To cling to whatever joy brings us the most Hope
That helps us to find our peace
To rise to our moments of challenge

To see the hurdles given to us as a worthy challenge
Something we know we can conquer no matter the wait
To know that we are meant to experience peace
To use our determination coupled with his to thaw the ice
To refuse to abandon Hope
To Cloak ourselves in Love.

To favour Love beyond any challenge
To Grasp Hope and be willing to wait
Knowing once we make it past the ice, there is finally peace.