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Life is Like A Masterchef Mystery Box

…We don’t pick the ingredients but we certainly determine what we do with it. for those of you who have never seen it, let me give you the 5 line down and dirty on it. Chefs, competing to prove their abilities are given various ingredients that they neither are aware of nor choose on their own and told that they must make a meal with it. That’s all. In the master chef incarnation of cooking shows, they aren’t told which meal they have to make, so they can make whatever they come up with — from app to dessert with the only caviar being that they have to use all of the ingredients. Now this would be ever so easy if they were handed the basics… Eggs, bread, milk…almost any of us could do that. Instead they are given a strange mish mash like cow liver, chocolate covered cherries, and green beans. Each thing in and of itself seems easy to manage/ tolerate. But when they have to mash then together into something presentable and edible….well… Oh and did I mention that they generally have a time table of one hour in which to do it all?

You might have read this far and thought “ok, where the heck is she going with this?” Bare with me. See, our lives are like this mystery box because we are plopped here and handed this mystery box of what our life might, can be, or even will be. Life would be easy if we were put here with automatic time, talents, and unlimited fountains of cash. If we had automatic skills like driving, unending physical health, perfect family lives we could easily – and impressively – reach our potentials. We could even more than likely exceed that which we even think is possible. They are the butter, milk, eggs, and sugar of life.

But generally, that’s not what we get for the majority of our life box. We’d like to hope that most of our lives are easy. Our parents dream of lives that are simple and successful for their children and for some that is the case. It’s like their mystery box presented no challenge at all and they were able to impress the “judges” with a pie and a dozen cookies in just under an hour.

For more than a few of us though, that isn’t the case. We arrive in our lives (the metaphorical competition if you will) and our box is full of a huge variety of challenging ingredients – I bet some we can’t even pronounce without phonics :). Self-esteem issues, love lives, family life. Broken homes, bad boyfriends, difficult jobs. The boss who hates you (and you are sure is going to fire you at any moment)or perhaps the boss who loves you and overworks you. Expectations of your family. Expectations of your friends. Expectations you put on yourself. An illness or an accident. A partner that leaves or a marriage that does not last. They are all in your box.

These challenges are the cow tongue and chocolate covered cherries combinations that some chefs are stumped by. Those “chefs” are the ones that sweat and wring their hands. They bake or cook nothing in the time they are given for fear of failing. And yet there are others that methodically lay each piece of their basket out and let the wheels turn in their mind and think of ways to meet and defeat the challenge before them. They don’t complain or waste time on the energy of regret but instead realize what is before them is what they have and motivate. The clock is ticking. And so they try. And they cook.

Your life is like a Masterchef box because in it is contained the potential for greatness. The “judges” have faith in the fact that it’s yours to live and look forward to see what great amount of creativity and ingenuity you will use to create your signature dish. The attitude you will work with and the passion you will employ. Just like the show, your time is finite even if we can’t see the number on clock at all moments. Inevitably, it will end and the judges are looking forward to the dish you will set on their table. Perhaps you’d figured a way to turn the “chocolate covered cherry challenge” in your basket of life (loosing a job or boyfriend lets say) into an opportunity to mentor others in your community or to volunteer your time with seniors (chocolate cherry sauce reduction for ice cream) Maybe being fired (cow tongue lets say) helps you to return to school or to pursue a topic you never knew you loved ( beef tacos).

I know this blog and it’s analogies may be a bit harder to follow than my prior posts but if you get nothing understand this. Life is what it is. We get the circumstances and challenges whether we want it or not. Your time, my time, all Time is finite. Rise to the occasion. Pull all of your ingredients out, survey them, accept them and get creative. I’m confident in the end with this mindset and attitude you will blow the judges away.