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Don’t let this title throw you off from my message. So often we are the thing that stands in our own way.   In the journey mapped for us, we falter because of our lack of belief in ourselves and our potentials.  Believe me, I sit and pen this – was driven to put this out there because recently, it’s been my greatest struggle and I like to think that my transparency just might help one or two of you to move forward into your greatness and it also helps me to articulate it and hopefully move past it.  So in a way, call me selfish 🙂

 For many of us, it isn’t our worry that something is out there no matter what we call it, or about the fact that it loves us and roots for us that stops us from our potentials. You see, we all seem to know that faith  is a touchy subject. There are many different types and manifestations of it.   People pray to all different things, revere all sorts of prophets, objects, items and places. Dependent on the particular faith, we go to various places to practice . A mosque, a church, a synagogue.  Even sitting at the ocean or amongst the forest.

 No matter where we go or what we do to reach it we all want the same thing.  To find the connection. To feel it move through us. As humans we seek the Divine. I once wrote about faith years ago  (even posted it here on the blog but so you don’t have to go back, it’s below)  I wrote:

 “The funny thing is Faith — true Faith –not the one that you chose, name, and tithe to actually follows you around and Loves you — not the other way around. It’s funny because it’s like it clings to you.  We are the ones that lose it — behind the negative thoughts, in cold and distant stares because it is far easier to give up than to hang on.  To simply live for the next moment, and the next, and the next. He knows what greatness He has destined you for from start to finish.  We are the fickle ones — too easy, not believable, surely a trap or a trick. Too hard – what did we do to deserve this? What did we miss – perhaps His Faith, His Love, His undeniable joy in our triumph is our example of what it means to be truly – unabashedly – faithful.”

And even in being the author of that and knowing it daily, still I struggle. You  see, my “lack of faith” isn’t at all about what does and does not exist.  I know with every beat of my heart there is a God. And that the forces that watch over us Love You and Me. I fully believe that the Universe roots for our success and greatness, it aches for us. It pushes for the lights of the world to wake up, to stop being scared and start being us.   They hope that we can eventually have the  same faith  that they already have in us and truly feel the warmth and light and push it into the world.

Despite the deep knowing of that even if not all of us know how to articulate it, we, as a people,  sit around and contemplate  six ways to Sunday that the opportunity for greatness couldn’t be in us .  We get mesmerized as we hash and re-hash how heartily we will struggle to achieve that which is set for us. We focus on the pain and failure that we have convinced ourselves is set to meet us.   For some of us, the fear is so palatable we don’t even try and that’s just sad.  Consumed by it, we forget that the universe is pretty damn good at doing what they do and it is more than a little likely we’ve been given the tools to achieve the amazing they think we are, they just might be down a bit further inside  than our lazy selves feel like looking. We cover our fear in all kinds of excuses and fancy mental diversionary tactics. The very thing that we are afraid of doing – helping others, bringing joy to the world will slide right on by. We overlook the joy and potential because we expend so much energy on the fear of failing at it.

And so, let’s make a pact.  Right here, right now.  We will do the universe a solid by choosing to have a bit of faith in ourselves.  Even when it seems hard or like a fools errand.  Make a conscious choice to suspend your disbelief.  Rather than thinking “Why” think “ Why Not”.  Choose to be amazing one baby step at a time.  Maybe we won’t heal others or part seas, but if we try we most certainly can do things that make others lives a bit better. Don’t give the fear the time to set in.  Use the energy stolen by the fear to mute it.

Rise to the occasion because it is here now and calling to you.  When you can’t find the faith in yourself, borrow some of it from those around you that love you and tell you of your greatness even when you can’t see it.

 If you don’t have those active people in your life, borrow it off of this blog because, even when I can’t see YOU I know that the fact that you have even found this blog means that you are seeking and destined for some sort of greatness – big and small.  Simply choosing to seek it is an act of faith.