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So I have this thing on my cellphone that I see almost literally 100 times a day and apparently forget 100 times a day that says, “it’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not.” Read that again and realize how true that is. And how, in life, we let the bullshit of the world make us sad before we ever resolve to get happy. We, somehow, through societies training, the mixed media messages, the parental misguides, the society peer pressure, the judgements of strangers forget that we rock.

We begin to include the word “can’t” far more in our vocabulary than we include the word “can”. We shy away from those things that are scary or a challenge because we fear we might fail and that will hurt – our bodies, our egos, and most fear inducing – our hearts. I can comment on this as an authority, as can’t seems to bleed out of my lips far more than I’d care to admit, in a variety of circumstances. Take recently for example. I started a new workout class. Having some greater challenges, I found myself saying I couldn’t do things a) way too much b) without actually trying them first. And so I resolved to stop it. To try the things (baring any actual potential physical damages) and then decide where my threshold for pain and limits truly was. An informed decision if u will vs. a snap one. And u know what? I can, in fact do a table yoga pose even if I can’t push all the way up yet. I can do a crouch squat even if I have to hold a telephone pole to do it.

Take out the old mental cassette tape that tells you that you are broken and flawed. That your struggle is deserved or some punishment for a crime or heinous act you don’t remember. Instead, put all of that worry and negative energy into messages that are much more productive and true. Try refuting the negative by telling yourself how awesome, worthy, and talented you are in your own gifting.

There are a few things I have come to hold dear and true in life. 1.EVERYONE has gifts and talents in life. We are all granted them, but it’s up to you what to do with it. 2. Life is a choose your own adventure. You determine the greatness you will reach. It’s all in there.

I promise YOU have a purpose and there is a Plan to this whole thing. While there may be fear walk on in love and bravery. Do it past the nerves and the lump in your throat . When you feel the wood in your knees as you head across that stage, up to that speech podium, into that bar for the date, into the workout class… whatever pushes you…PUSH. Do it. Go out and kick some butt. Stop thinking about what you are not . Feel and be WHAT YOU ARE.