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So this weekend I binged….on tv. More specifically, on the amazing race as a boycott of the fact that the execs cancelled my new guilty pleasure “Utopia” . So here I am, couch surfing and watching as these teams fly – and race – around the globe seeing and doing amazing things.

We are racing the edge of our mind and what we think that we can do
To learn to use the bodies we are given
To push beyond comfort zones and expectations
We may not be able to fly to foreign lands but there is beauty and intrigue all around.

Find out what there is to do in your area. Choose easy and enjoyable. Then choose more challenging but attainable .Challenge yourself to meet new people. To seek the things that, though they may cause the butterflies of nerves to appear, provide a wave of happiness and joy when they are done. That ease someone else’s burdens.

Don’t focus on what you can’t do. Focus on the little things you can do that make you happy. Allow yourself to daydream the greater things and don’t think of them with the sadness that they aren’t yours, instead, picture the end result, that they are yours. Think of the steps that might take to get there, and then picture yourself successfully completing each of those steps.

Try to do those visualization a without fear or doubt of failure. I know, sooooo hard. That’s my Achilles. I start off super strong and then crash as I think more about it. I allow the little bits of “implanted doubt” to eat us. I call it “implanted doubt” because we aren’t born with it. As little ones we believe that we can do or be anything we want….Superman, an astronaut, a doctor,a police officer. I remember that I used to want to be a a drummer in an all girl band or solve the JFK assassination . And then my parents and society at large told me that was a unattainable. A bad idea for career, something that only a very few get to do. And then that little doubt starts to make u wonder what’s wrong with you that sets these accomplishments out of your reach. You become convinced that if you can’t do that, there must be plenty of other things you shouldn’t even even think of attempting. That the flaw of thinking must be yours and not theirs.

I have a challenge for not only you, but myself ;). Instead of thinking of all that bull, focus on the fact that you are an amazing human with so much at your fingertips. Instead of focusing on fear and sadness, focus on what you might need to do to obtain the things that you want, despite the fact that the odds seem insurmountable. Everything visualized in small pieces, suddenly, has the potential to seem easier than you ever imagined.