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I am sitting here this Christmas morning and wondering what to write you.  I know that I am supposed to write, but for one of the first times ever, mental road block.  I sat here with this thing for a good 20 minutes just listening and contemplating what “holiday message” to send beings as this is generally the day that we send warm tidings to loved ones and strangers alike.

I collect all sorts of memes as the “next” thing that I will post when the prompting comes.  And so today, I am prompted to remind us all of the Joy and Freedom that is brought with the Season and also, that we have those choices everyday.  EVERY SINGLE DAY we have the opportunity to choose and be joyful.  To live in hope and joy of what it is possible for each of us as we go forward.  To help others find those moments that are full of joy and possibility and to help them hang on to them.  To realize the amount of freedom that we can feel when we follow the path that we are destined for. Sometimes, it is scary and feels like the thing we should be avoiding rather than the thing that we should be walking towards.  My advice in this is to listen to your heart as sometimes our eyes and even our mind will betray us.  In choosing to focus on the Joy, you will notice that there is so much more freedom.  Hopefully, rather than being weighed down by should of, could of, would of’s you can feel at peace that you have had tremendous opportunities to make memories and connect with others.  While I realize that is so much easier said than done, I encourage you to hang tight.  Stand with us that are scared but convicted in our callings.

Many many years ago, God’s Son, although scared, stood convicted in His journey.  There were certainly moments where, in reading the stories, there was a moment of wonder and fear and yet He continued to move forward in His Calling. Despite the fact that people might call Him Crazy, outcast Him, and most certainly have feared Him — even when he couldn’t see the end of His story…he still walked on and bravely turned the pages.  He lived with a sense of Joy – spread it to others – and in that many of them most certainly found FREEDOM.