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Today’s entry is set to be rather short and sweet, but I do want to wish you glad tidings as we set out together into this new year. Already, before our very eyes the calendar has slid over to 2015. I don’t know why, but I have always found the 5’s to be tremendous so the thought that 2015 is at our feet is grand and exciting. No matter the year that it is, I encourage all of us to make the most of it as we will never see these moments again. Tell those around you love them. Eat the extra bite of cake. Take the extra picture. Take a random day off. Buy the dress or jeans that you love. Aim to attend a tourist attraction or three in your town … Even act like a tourist. Dance and laugh freely, even if, like me you have a silly booming laugh that sometimes has a snort at the end. Aim to let things go faster, worry less, and love more. At least that’s my plan 😉