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Today is the day of hearts and chocolates and for many, loneliness and feeling like you might not measure up. And for many of us, like ever other days created by the world to pull us together and get us to spend money we might not have, many of us end up getting pulled apart. If the world doesn’t do it, we most certainly will. We will assess our beauty, our smarts, our friends or lack there of. We will stand in front of the mirror and find every flaw and blemish. Believe me, I know. I was so good at it, that I’d even find ounces of fat my logical mind knows doesn’t exist on my 98 pound frame. Maybe you have convinced yourself that everyone has a valentine but you.

I beg of you…STOP. Even if you don’t actively realize it you’ve had a valentine since before there even was you as you look now. He or We (whatever floats your boat) have thought you were an amazing being to be cherished. Something to love and admire and they didn’t need flowers or roses to tell you so. They just continue to love you and hope you will feel it. So today, instead of looking outside for the love and validation, quite yourself and look in. Do something that you love and makes you feel good. Suggestions:

1. Write yourself a love letter: write down all of the amazing things that make up you.
2. Get a pedicure
3. Call a friend invite them to lunch, to go for a walk, or just reminisce
4. Grab your camera and pick a subject. Notice the beauty in nature
5. Make your favorite meal
6. Help someone in need
7. Give a random stranger a card
8. Say thank you to everyone today that you interact with and helps you
9.Watch an old movie you love (popcorn too)
10. Pick a small budget. Spend it frivolously.