So the recent past has been super busy and I have been a horrible conduit as of late.  I don’t make the time as I should, even when I feel the nag and I hope that you all are still hanging in there despite my selfishness.  I’ll aim to be better because I miss you all and the task that is set before me :). And now, onto the real stuff of this post…


So on Thursday, I decided to add to my world something that I had missing for awhile.  She is sweet and kind…and drools a lot.  So far she is a bed hog and likes to get into my face at least 2 or 3 times a night.  She is inquisitive about every little squeak and rattle, is not a big fan of the vacuum or the tv, and seems to be rather mellow. She is lazy and sweet.

Meet Caroline

IMG_2454 IMG_2462

Now I no longer have to talk to myself, I can claim I’m talking to Caroline.  Now, when people ask what I did for the weekend, I can say that I hung out with Caroline.  Petting her helps to calm my frazzled nerves about things both big and small.  She is a friend that won’t judge.  That unconditionally will love me whether I feel fat, happy or unhappy, stretched thin or content.  Tired, sad, or mad.  It’s less with a pet – in this case a cat. Don’t believe me? Check these out:

But this blog post isn’t just about me boasting like a new parent and trying to convince you all to become crazy cat people.  In this post, I aim to convince you to be open to the idea of friendships, feline and other.  You see, the universe puts people and animals in our lives at various times for various reasons.  It’s up to us whether or not we really experience them or follow the path.

Though it feels odd or difficult I challenge you to find the opportunities that aren’t as obvious to befriend someone or improve someone else.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort. Start with hello.  Look for a community activity or volunteer project that you think you’d like.  I’m not going to claim that all of the things that you try are going to be amazing and that you will make instant friends.  I’ve gone to my fair share of volunteer things only to stand in a corner or two for the first 10 minutes and feel rather useless.  At first it may be really hard, I always find myself feeling like the kids on the wall at the 8th grade dance.   But you must remember that something drew you there.  We all have time and talents to share, no matter how unskilled, unlovable or awkward we feel within ourselves. Maybe you can’t spell very well but you can make a mean macaroni and cheese… next time make an extra pan and take to someone that might be getting cancer treatment or need some additional assistance.  Perhaps you have some kick butt handyman skills that could help a neighbor in need.     Maybe you speak with a lisp, but you know how to crochet awesome blankets…they could be donated to preemies in NICUS… no really…check it out.   The possibilities are really endless.

I’d almost guarantee if you can figure out how to type it in a Google Search bar, there is a community that might just be waiting for you. Everyone deserves a friend and to know that they matter and are valuable.  Just the fact that you are on this planet, awaking every day is a testament to that.  The Universe makes no mistakes and as you engage the community around you, hopefully you will make friends with others and yourself.  YOU DESERVE IT!

Before you know it, the

“Pool of You”

will begin to change to the

“Universe of We”