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Veruca Salt

We have a problem, Houston.  Well really WAY MORE than Houston.  We have a problem much larger than Houston or an other geographic location can hold and/or handle.  We have become a generation of people that want things “right now” and if the timing of that which we want doesn’t accommodate that greed, we move on and dismiss that the thing we were waiting on will ever come to pass.

We do it with food – genetically modifying things to make them bigger, brighter, and taste better.  We pack things so full of chemicals to make them more shelf worthy.  We brighten their packages and bloat them with fillers long before proper testing for long term effects are ever known…perhaps we will figure it out when we grow our third eyes :).

We do it with jobs – it is very rare to hear people of our generation that have been in a job more than a few years.  Employers constantly chase the better, brighter and cheaper labor to ensure that they can create the most product with the least investment.  Employees aren’t much better at staying in a position either.  Many of our generation leave as soon as the tire of the money that they make, the requirements of the position or the fact that they think they aren’t being fairly compensated for merely showing up.

We do it with other people – The place that it’s most obvious? The dating world. Given the world of internet dating, we toss out people before we ever really know them, after the slightly taller, brighter eyed, richer, better job person makes an appearance.  While I’m all for the right to choose and find the best fit for ourselves since a lifetime can be long and challenging and it’s always better in teams.   We are not patient enough to wait and see if that person over time will prove someone we can lean on.  And so we lean nowhere. We impose and then dispose and for even the most kind of us, that is an incredibly sad state of affairs.

In our hurry, hurry, HURRY lives we become so overwhelmed and overworked we pray for relief.  We pray for breakthroughs.  We pray for what we see as small concessions – stomping our metaphorical feet kinda like Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

What we want “now” never leaves time for us to experience the miracles that are possible if we’d only hang on and be patient. To silence our impulses, control our disposable nature and wait.  But perhaps where our lack of faith becomes most evident.  We forget the stories from the Bible of seemingly endless waiting.

In our struggle to conceive I am reminded of the many people in the Bible who waited! Our time will come!

Believe me, I speak from a place of experience.  While I attempt to be one who keeps little company with regret, I often wonder how life may have been different if I had chosen to wait in a circumstance or two.  If I had waited just a bit longer for the boy I loved ( who am I fooling … love) and the universe to align the stars would we be married and living a fulfilling life rather than him marrying another girl who happened to be where I cannot be? If I had stayed at my other job and not married my ex husband would I now have moved up the ranks and gathered more compensation ?  Would I have kids? Less Debt?

All these are huge question marks that sometimes keep me up.  But more often than not, I am reminded that a path is what we make of it, but if we are patient we will be rewarded both big and small.  All we have to do is be brave enough to step out of our “right now” compulsion and trust that this “not right now” is far wiser than we are.

When God give you a "no", give Him a "Thank You".  He was protecting you from less than His best.

As I’ve said in so many of my other blog posts, the Universe is so much wiser than we are in our narrow-minded VERY short-sided view of things.  While we see five or ten years ahead in our plan, the universe sees before Us, during the Us,  and far beyond it.

Trust it.