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in about three hours we will hit the two year mark of writing in this space and place. Granted, it hasn’t been quite as prolific I’m recent months as it once was, but I still try and find my way back as the universe urges. Ok, sometimes it has to slap me upside the head to sit in quiet, to reflect, listen, and to write. To reach out into the cyber universe, heck universe, and help if I can.  To encourage, support, and love on people even if I don’t know them.  

But you know what, I’ve discovered in this calling that I am given so much right back.  It is tremendous to know in your soul that you are helping others.  To stand in awe as you watch people’s faith grow. To have your own grow because you watch people remove their fear and/or fear of struggle and just go for it.  Your kind face is the answer to a prayer they may have launched in desperation, frustration or anticipation. Your solid words provided with simply me as a conduit can do so much to untangle fears and unleash potentials. And that is tremendous and rare. Through so many, I have learned how to push on, to choose joy, and to always look for the silver lining. I have learned better how to tal and when to listen. When to offer peace and when to allow for indignant anger. 
And through all this I have come to realize I am so very very blessed. Thank you for continuing to allow me to serve in Love with you all. May we continue to do right by those that entrusted us on this path.