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First of all, let me apologize for my excessive absence from this space.  Happiness and work as well as adventures don’t seem a valid enough excuse to be away for so long but I’m using it since that’s what’s been going on.  They say the truth will set you free right?

I’ve been brewing this post for quite awhile and have yet to be able to figure out how to piece it together.  For many of you who have followed me and been on this blog you know that I can be wound quite tight. I fret over anything and everything and have quite the knack for making 99 percent of the molehills turn into mountains with a simple click or two of my thinker 😉

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last visit here, but life has grabbed me by the tail in such a good way, I’ve been major Captain distracto.

Since my last post, I did end up selling the condo I was afraid of letting go,bought a three bedroom house,  gotten engaged and am still working on the driving thing.  Thankfully my fiancée pushes me when I’m afraid to push me. I guess one way to make yourself do something is move to a place it really is best to drive or will be a significant cost to uber.

In many ways these changes  are good because it has encouraged me to face my feelings of insecurity and identify them before they become the beast roaring in the closet. It has forced me To really deal with how my marriage failed in past, to learn to take on what is mine and to comfortably “return to sender” what is not. To decide the things I love and things I don’t and persue only those since our energy banks are finite. If I take time to think of all that has hurt me, disappointed me, alienated me and other things I am also forefitting that energy for anything amazing. Wouldn’t we all rather live in awesome and fulfilled? I think so!