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I sit and write today on a Sunday.  This means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  PJ’s all day.  The Sunday paper.  Hours of laundry, followed by hours of folding.  A trip to the movie theatre.  Hours of scurrying around looking for that last bit of homework or cramming that project that your child has known about for weeks, but only now informed you of.  A boozy brunch day. And for many, a significant church day in which we hear stories  in which Jesus rose again and proved himself to be the Son of God. There are many different views on this. I’m not aiming to convince you one way or the other.


Even if you’ve never read the Bible, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the things Jesus did. Care for the sick and weak. Help those in need. Feed the hungry. Give of yourself -your time and talents. Truthly, even when you think you have nothing to give, you have something. Most of us are richer than a great portion of the world even on our poorest day. It’s just that the greed machine of consumerism has continued to make us blind to it.

If doing real and tangible acts of service are something you can’t or don’t want to do (more than likely it’s the latter option and that’s ok  — JUST OWN IT) . I beg of you one simple principle in your life:


Lately we live in a world where being rude and mean doesn’t seem to be frowned upon. Where the “I” and “me” thoughts are the ones that are praised. Where it is ok to step on others to do what you want. Where dividing people is common. Where people find differences that make others less than them on the regular. Where violence and hatred are rearing their ugly heads with regularity.

This is the strategy of darkness no matter the form. Isolate and Alienate. Large or Small.  DIVIDE AND CONQUER.  Look at it all over:

*Bullies and classmates: Divide the victim, conquer the self worth.

*Love relationships:  Divide the couple over finances, parenting, schedules, clothing, friends. Conquer the relationship.

*Governments: Divide the viewpoints. Get them as opposed and righteous as we can. Conquer the unity.

Very few benefit and it’s usually not very long before there is a battle for change. In turn there is never much stability for the greater good to unite .

War: Always Divide and Conquer.

So what can YOU do? Don’t be a jerk. Bring the light back doing little stuff. Open a door for someone, say hello to people. Help carry the groceries. Help soothe a crying baby. Share the armrest on the plane. Buy an extra coffee – or two. Share your umbrella. Listen, and I mean REALLY listen to people. Most people just want to be heard and understood. Help to remind people there are others around them that care. Stop living your life lazy. LIVE IN IT. BE PRESENT.

For some reason the image of a bright night sky keeps coming to me. Think about it. Currently, a single star doesn’t light our night, but a bazillion. Each doing their one little part to provide some light.  And in their unity, we have amazing gorgeous nights.Well, we are one and the same. As we each bring our bit of light in kindness and goodness, we too can slowly but surely shove out the dark we seem to be living in.