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I needed to read this today. Believe. In the timing. In your circumstance. In yourself. I can’t say that I understand what is going on at the moment, but what I can tell you is that I know it is right.  If you’ve read my blog over the years, you know that I’ve been trying to drive for literally YEARS.  Almost 20 to be exact.  I’ve always thought that I couldn’t drive because of my paralyzing fear so I have done many many things (a spiritualist, driving lessons, hypnotherapy) to try and curb that.  And now, I feel free of that crippling fear.

Only, ladies and gentlemen, we have hit a snag.  I don’t  have a body ideal for driving.  Given my disability, I have seen that perhaps driving is unwise and even possibly selfish.  Perhaps my often mocked fear was an early warning system for things to come if I don’t listen.  The challenge within my mind is learning how to accept the change in status and availability to me.  Driving may not be my luxury, until cars self drive and are affordable on the regular.  The world has become big and small  —  all in one.   It is wide and generous; and contained in these 4 walls.  Or between these two ears.  Depends on the day.  Thank gosh for technology  — and Lyft,Uber, and Instacart  who will continue to help me get to the places I need to be and the supplies that I need.

And now begins the hard part of mental work to be an example of resilience. To take a knee but not a seat.  To believe and be faithful.  To believe that being responsible and not driving shows strength and not weakness.  (That’s the hardest part for me as I’ve never let my disability slow me down.)  To believe that the Universe has a plan even if I can’t see it.(yet again).  To learn, that often, the Greater knows better.  And sometimes it is extremely hard to sit down and let that be.  To let the Universe help you work out what the future will look like instead of your anxious mind and idle hands…(we all know that has gotten more than one person into some pretty deep trouble.  And so, it’s up to me to listen.  To wait.  To be kind to myself and others along the way.

Years ago, I wrote about Plot twists (check it out here) with this awesome meme that I still love:

Plot twist

Yep, I CALL THIS ONE HELL OF A PLOT TWIST.  Join me to see how it pans out?


Wordsmith's Desk

The mind wants to understand, but the heart chooses to believe. Faith is not understanding with the intellect. Faith is believing with the heart.

All too often, we strive to understand…we want to fill in the blanks…we want to know how and why. All too often, we miss out by trying…by wanting to understand.

Faith believes, often with no hint of understanding. Faith is what we hope for without the evidence to see…to understand. Without faith we cannot please God.

His ways and thoughts are far beyond our reach…past finding out. He doesn’t ask us to understand…He asks us to believe…to trust by faith…because He said so.

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