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I am the consummate over thinker. The “fix it before it’s broken” because I am sure in the very near and unpredictable future,it will break. And it will break me into a state of paralysis that levels all progress achieved thus far. Like 39 years is gone and I’m immobilized by the thought of even having to determine where to start things.

As counter intuitive as it feels and sounds, sometimes we just need to listen to the Universe,the answer will come. It sometimes isn’t loud. It’s a whisper or a hoarse cry in your gut just beneath the surface. Generally, no matter how it arrives, it is honest and clear. It isn’t friendly and warm and inviting always.  In fact, I generally find it rather terrifying as it calls us to be our better selves. Generally one we seek, but do not know the depth and true calling of.

Most recently, I’ve learned the power of just jumping.  It’s often the way that we find the path that the Universe has set out for us, as it’s hidden just below the surface.  Just beneath the “easy to scratch”.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am most certainly not advocating for you to do things that are dangerous or highly risky.  That could risk your life and limb or put others in danger due to your new “lets leap” adopted philosophy.

What I am suggested is that you listen to the soft nudge that awakens your heart. To heed the “signs” that appear.  To be willing to  be bare and honest.  To admit what you can’t do and be willing to lean into the offer of others tom meet those weaknesses with their strengths.  Sometimes you will be the one offering the help. Others you will be the one at the mercy of others and their kindnesses.

Believe me, I am offering this advice based on recent experiences. I’ve recently been given an opportunity to fill a new role at work.  I’ve had a  number of years assisting in roles like this, but have never sat in that seat as the one where the buck stops.  I’m excited, challenged, and scared all in one.  But something amazing has happened.  In my bravery to accept the nudge of the Universe to not shrink away from this opportunity, resources (new and old) have fallen into my lap and come out to assist me.

Key was that I had to be brave enough to  not only know what I do not know but to reveal that to others around me.  My honesty has inspired more confidence in those putting me in charge that I will be nothing less than transparent.  It also  has given me Grace and a runway to learn these skills. Sometimes, we all need to be brave enough to close our eyes and just JUMP.