The shower is my place to think.  The best place that I can  meditate and connect and not think of the the dogs, the email I need to write, the groceries I need to pickup or all of the other mundane things that seem to cloud my mind when I tell myself I’m gonna light a candle, put on some Zen-like music and meditate.  Somehow in the act of proclaiming that activity, everything that I ever even thought of thinking comes to life.    And so, I’ve learned not to plan it (as if sneaking up on it helps achieve it) and to step into the shower.

Today, as I listened to the Universe and it’s messages the theme was very clear:  Don’t waste a moment of this, waiting on that.  Don’t tell yourself to wait on the things that could bring you joy now for a small tweak you think might happen to improve your current circumstance and align the stars just a bit more.  You are in the here and now.  This one is the only moment that is guaranteed.

Eat the cake. Go on the trip. Tell someone you love them. Take the class. Laugh till you cry at a YouTube video. Fall into a string of videos about something you love or something you’d never knew you could love. Sing. Dance. Walk your dog. Read a cheesy novel or try to figure out who the masked singer is.

Decorate for Christmas. Push yourself just a little. Nothing will ever be perfect. Or ready all the way. No matter how much  I want a picture to look just so and my hair to be smooth, there will be wind to blow that ONE PIECE UP.  Take the picture anyway. Remember it, both in your minds eye and that thing that you can hold and transport yourself.

I have a don’t just as much as I have a do for you.  Don’t hold on to the bad stuff that drags you and steals small bits of you.  It can be consuming, like death by papercut or the one more bite until you are full and feeling sick.  Try to stand back objectively from the things that hurt you and see if it really is something that needs a further addressing or if the pain is really just an indicator that the time for that season, that person, that situation is now over. I know it’s hard, and blinding and seems insurmountable at times.  I beg you to know this — all of you have hidden cheerleaders that are rooting for you.  Even when you can’t see us and you can barely hear us, even with a straining; we ARE here… and we are rooting for you…EVERY SINGLE DAY.