I’m not sure how you got here, maybe a search engine, maybe a friends suggestion, a Facebook tag or a Twitter post that caught your eye.  No matter the “vehicle”  to get you here,  I’m glad that you are.  After going through some changes and challenges in my own life, I have learned a lot recently about the opportunity to chose the “eyes” with which we see our life and our purpose.  I CHOOSE from this point forward to see things through a filter of love and kindness.  To see challenges as a chance learn and grow – to find the good thing in the challenge and use that moment most of all to move forward.

So many of us, me included, struggle through life to make it past the challenges because we do not see a purpose for ourselves and our lives.  We sort of wander a bit lost because we can’t see the map and we fail to realize that nothing is just happenstance.  Even the choice to wander is a choice in and of itself.  The fact that you are looking at this blog, no matter how you got here, means that you spent at least a moment seeking something to fill that moment.  To give you purpose, direction or comfort so you could get to the next moment. I mention this…I KNOW this..because I have done it myself.

My hope is as you read these entries, you have the same positive effects happen in your own life that often happened in mine when I chose to seek. To feel encouraged.  To feel the Love in the world.  To be aware that someone cares.  Someone listens.  Even when it is dark and seems impossible, it is very possible.  YOUR name is known and you are loved.

1 thought on “Welcome”

  1. Hello, and welcome to Blogtopia. Congratulations on jumping in with both feet! It’s fun, and I haven’t found many ‘gators so far!

    May Jesus give you a great harvest for your labor of love here!

    Praising Jesus who gave me something worth talking about!

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